Bringing the Best in Braces to Beaverton, OR

When it comes to straightening your teeth, we believe that you get the best results when you have the most options to choose from. That is why our practice is dedicated to giving the Portland area—from Murray Hill to Tigard—braces options that are plentiful and cutting-edge. You deserve excellent, personalized care, and that is what we deliver. Read below to learn more about some of the options we offerBeaverton for braces.

Traditional Metal Braces


When you picture braces in your mind, these are what you see. However, they have come a long way from what they once were. Traditional, metal braces are now made of stainless steel and are more comfortable to wear. These braces use metal brackets and archwires to move your teeth into the ideal position. They are incredibly effective and are a great option for any patient who isn’t afraid of showing off their personality.

Gold Braces


These braces aren’t all that different from traditional, metal braces. They function in the same way and the parts are still made of stainless steel. The difference is that the parts are coated in gold. Patients opt for gold braces because they prefer the look they offer, though the gold coating does not make a difference in the outcome of the treatment.

Ceramic Braces


Once again, these braces are essentially the same as traditional, metal braces in terms of how they function. What makes them different is that the brackets are made from clear or tooth colored ceramic. In terms of the results they deliver, they are no different from metal braces. However, they are more aesthetically pleasing. In general, these are only used on older teens and adults as they require greater care than other braces.

Invisible (Clear) Orthodontic Appliances


invisalignThis is a revolutionary non-braces system that is designed to gently move teeth into position. The standout feature of this system is that the aligners that move the teeth are clear, making it impossible for those around you to know that you are in treatment. However, this system comes with many other benefits, including the fact that you can take the aligners out to brush, floss, and eat.