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Raleigh Hills Rewards Program

Have you heard about our new Incentive Program at Raleigh Hills Orthodontics?? With this new rewards program you will be competing against yourself for prizes and the more ‘Raleigh Hills Rewards Tokens’ you collect, the more you can win!

We have some great new t-shirts that are free for our patients! If you wear them during your appointment, you can earn tokens!

You can also earn tokens by:

– Arriving on-time to your regular scheduled appointment: 1 Token
– Having super clean teeth (Grade ‘A’ on Oral Hygiene): 1 Token
– Wearing your appliance and rubber bands as prescribed and have nothing loose or broken: 1 Token
– Wearing your Raleigh Hills Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointment: 1 Token
– Any morning appointments (before 1:00): 1 Token

There are many other ways to earn tokens! Visit our website to learn more!